March 2020

Easing the pressure on our hospitals and healthcare system.

31/03/2020 10:00 AM
The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health are here to help our wider community through these challenging times, and will remain open. Measures have been put in place for continuity of our health care...

Exercise and Social Distancing

23/03/2020 19:25 PM
Exercise and Social Distancing. In light of everything that is going on, my mind turned to social distancing and the effect on people's usual exercise routine. So I thought I'd put some ideas out...

We are open

23/03/2020 19:00 PM
WE ARE OPEN With all of the new guidelines and rules out in the open, it is difficult to know who is open and who isn't. The Joint Physiotherapy cares about not only about our patients health and...