The ASCA is delighted to advise that The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health’s application to register the Rehabilitation Coach Level 1 Course as ASCA Approved External Professional Development Activities has been approved!

I couldn’t recommend it more! It was fantastic! Yes you learn theory and application but you also learn how to think critically and apply your knowledge. Keep an eye out for his course coming soon ” – Geoff Ford: Owner, Strength / Pain Coach BeStrong Physiotherapy

Steven Collins

BPhys, ASCA L2 PCAS- P, Dip Fitness

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Physiotherapist, Guest Lecturer Australian Catholic (ACU) University Brisbane, Sessional Academic / Lead Tutor ACU Brisbane (physical activity and exercise in physiotherapy)

This course is designed to fill the current gap that sits between rehabilitation and performance professionals. My main aim is to bring coaches and clinicians together to talk in a shared language, think critically about programming and uncover the big rocks for the person in front of them. By the end you will feel confident that you can assist along the whole rehabilitation -> performance continuum.

1. Stress Recovery Adaptation (SRA cycle), Physical Stress Theory, Envelope of Function
2. Motor Learning and Coaching
3. Basic Barbell Lifts
4. Gym based programming
5. Plyometrics testing and programming
6. Return to Running testing and programming
7. Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration testing and programming
8. Change of Direction, and Agility testing and programming

Location: The Strength Junction 6/260 Zillmere Road

Current Course Dates : Please contact us for the next course date.

Cost: $880 incl GST. Early bird fee $790 incl GST.- If paid in full 4 weeks prior to course date. Group booking discounts available.

How to book:

Send an email to with the subject: Rehab Coach Level 1 booking and message: I am interested in attending the Rehab Coach Level 1 course. This will confirm your place. We will then send you back an email to get details to send the tax invoice to.

An incredible opportunity to learn from one of the very best in the area. The course was both informative and engaging, with an ideal mix of theory versus practical learning. A big thank you to Steve for being so approachable and taking the time to ensure all content was understood before moving on.” – Ashley O’Loughlin: Graduate Physiotherapist

1. Acknowledge the biopsychosocial contributors to the Stress Recovery Adaptation (SRA) cycle, Physical Stress Theory, Envelope of Function, and Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (SAID) principles.
2. Understand how these contributors can affect your patient’s / client’s clinical presentation / performance
3. Demonstrate your ability to conceptually quantify the stress response from a stimuli
4. Demonstrate your ability to conceptually quantify recovery capacity and readiness to perform
5. Understand how to be reactive to your patient’s / client’s readiness to train to ensure your applied stimuli meets the desired adaptive response.
6. Be able to understand the different tissue demands and adaptations imposed by your exercise programming and relate this to their envelope of function.
7. Demonstrate your ability to coach primary compound barbell movements utilizing up to date motor learning theories and practice
8. Demonstrate your ability to use arthrokinematic and kinetic principles to adapt your exercises to suit your patient specific pain / performance context
9. Demonstrate your ability to write and physically coach a basic evidence based strength and conditioning program to address your client / patients concerns and goals.

10. Understand the stretch shortening cycle and how various biopsychosocial inputs can affect the adaptive stimuli (including your coaching cues)
11. Understand how to assess and make programming decisions based off the eccentric utilization ratio (EUR) and what this means for the person in front of you
12. Demonstrate a knowledge of the plyometric continuum and how to assess and program along the continuum to match patient / client needs
13. Demonstrate an ability to write an coach a plyometric only and mixed plyometric and gym program
14. Be able to understand the return to running continuum and appropriate testing, running drills and programming for your patient /client along the continuum.
15. Demonstrate your ability to think critically about constraints you can change in drills and running modifications to help your patient / client reach their goal
16. Demonstrate your ability to physically coach various running drills
17. Write a return to running program, both in isolation, and in the context of a greater rehabilitation program
18. Gain an understanding of the differences between high speed running and sprinting and how this impacts programming
19. Perform and interpret change of direction assessments
20. Gain an understanding of the differences between change of direction and agility and how this impacts programming

I found this course very informative, and it satisfied my interests in assisting keeping the community and clients mobile, especially through injury rehab. A well-presented course, the practical components were useful in assisting in further comprehension of content especially with testing components. Very helpful to have both coaches and physiotherapists points of view on the content. Thank you I am better equipped now to assist clients through injury rehabilitation.” – Kim Prince, Atlanta Strength PT, Record holding Strongwoman

What's included and What to Expect

There will be within course assessments including individual and group programming design, involvement in reflective group discussion and a post day 1 knowledge consolidation. There will also be a post course workbook on short and long answer questions to be filled out within a month of course completion to demonstrate application in the workplace.

Pre readings and links to relevant podcasts will be provided. A copy of the slides for each day’s presentation as well as a glossary of terms and access to basic coaching videos will also be provided.

There will be voluntary admission to a facebook group where clinicians and coaches build a network of like minded individuals to talk about relevant content.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided for morning and afternoon tea. Fridge and Microwave facilities will be available. There are cafes and restaurants in the area for lunch.

This is a highly practical course so bring clothing that you are comfortable exercising in. Please fill out the PARQ, and the attached initial MSK assessment form.

How to book:

Send an email to with the subject: Rehab Coach Level 1 booking and message: I am interested in attending the Rehab Coach Level 1 course. This will confirm your place. We will then send you back an email to get details to send the tax invoice to.

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