Clinical Pilates Physio

The Clinical Pilates Method is quite exciting and differs from other pilates methods. It is assessment and research based, tailored specifically to the individual and much more effective in achieving positive outcomes for those with musculoskeletal problems.  The exercises from the traditional Pilates repertoire are taken into a Clinical approach which is guided by the current evolving research into spinal stability and exercise prescription. This means that we are actually using Pilates as a treatment tool, rather than just as a form of exercise.

The Clinical Pilates program for Physiotherapists is formally accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy. It was developed by Physiotherapist Craig Phillips from DMA Clinical Pilates, and has a firm body of evidence behind it, which translates to great outcomes in the clinic.  Our physiotherapists are trained in this method and are undergoing the accreditation process.

Pilates is a great for injury prevention, managing chronic conditions and has an integral role in injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Clinical Pilates is great for anyone!

We offer Pilates as both individual and group sessions. These sessions are supervised by our highly experienced Physiotherapists.