Lymphoedema Therapy

Lymphoedema is a condition that is caused by a disruption to the lymphatic system, resulting in swelling of one or more limbs, trunk or even face. This disruption can occur after surgery involving lymph node removal for many types of cancer, radiation, vein removal surgery, burns or other trauma. Lymphoedema can also be a congenital condition, meaning that you may have been born with or develop this condition, without any of these disruptions occurring.

Complex decongestive therapy (CDT) is the gold standard for treatment of lymphoedema, and this involves a combination of manual lymphatic drainage (usually by way of massage), bandaging, specific exercise and wearing a compression garment.

Your lymphoedema therapist will be able to diagnose, measure and treat your lymphoedema using CDT.

Services include:

  • Circumferential and Bio-impedence (L-Dex) measurement of the affected limb
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Lymphatic specific exercise
  • Bandaging
  • Measurement for compression garments