FAQs & Fees

Yes. All of our locations have parking available and have access for wheelchairs.

Yes. We do offer bulk billing appointments for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology between the hours of 10:30am and 2 pm Monday to Friday. You can still use your care plan outside of these hours. We do this by taking full fee at the time of your appointment and lodging your rebate to Medicare who will then rebate you a minimum of $56.00.

We accept plan managed and self managed NDIS clients for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Yes. We accept both Workcover and InjuryNet clients as registered providers for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Yes. We accept all DVA card holders and require a referral from your medical practitioner which states the service you require. This Is available for both Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Subjective Assessment – “Your story”
This is where the practitioner will gain information about you as a person (not an injury) and the story that has brought you in. We pride ourselves on delivering a treatment journey that is tailored to you. To achieve this we ensure the time is taken to hear your story and listen to you about how the injury or pain is impacting your life. This information helps up guide further examination but also lays the foundation for your treatment plan and health journey.

Physical Assessment – “How you move and your limitations”
Your practitioner will conduct routine and specialised testing procedures to obtain an overview of the dysfunction caused by your injury/condition . This will involve measurements of your strength capacities, movement control and quality, pain levels, specialised functional assessments and integrity of the region being assessed.

Be assured that all efforts will be made to conduct the physical examination in a manner which satisfies your requirements for comfort and modesty. If this is a concern for you, please alert our receptionist. They can discuss this with you and pass on relevant special requirements to your attending practitioner ahead of your consultation.

Diagnosis – “What is going on”
The purpose of history taking and the physical examination is to provide an accurate diagnosis of your injury/condition and its underlying causes.
Where examination procedures are limited by pain and other acute symptoms a working diagnosis will be provided to you. Ongoing assessment procedures will be used by your therapist to confirm the diagnosis in subsequent sessions.

Proposed Treatment Plan – “Brings together all the information to plan your health journey to your desired outcome or goals”

Your practitioner will advise you of the treatment plan that will best suit your injury/condition, what this will involve and the options that are available to you. Treatment will proceed with your participation in the clinical decision making process and your informed consent.

The proposed treatment plan may involve any one, or a combination of, our various treatment types, introduced at various stages of your recovery cycle.

Referrals, X-Rays & Scans
Please bring all relevant GP/specialist referrals, x-rays and scans to your initial consultation. Our practitioners can proceed without them but the more information they have about your injury or condition, the better.

If you do not have the reports of your scans or x-rays please ask your GP, specialist or radiology centre to fax or email them to our reception desk prior to arrival. This avoids any wasted time at the clinic in chasing up your reports.

You should also bring any documentation related to your Workcover, CTP, Veterans’ Affairs. This should show your claim is current and has been accepted by those authorities.

Other Items
Other items that help us to work with you include:
Braces or aids that you are using or have used in the past
Current exercise or gym programs or ones you have used in the past
Any other items relevant to your injury or condition

Please dress appropriately for your consultation.
Please bring some loose-fitting clothing. If you have forgotten clothing suitable for examination we can offer you shorts to change into as well as gowns to ensure you feel comfortable.

Privacy, Modesty and Special Needs
At The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health your individual needs for privacy, modesty and special needs are respected across gender, cultural, religious and special requirements.

We ask that you let us know any special requirements or sensitivities before we commence our consultation.

Our practitioners abide by the appropriate ethical standards and codes of conduct, however, in our years of experience we understand the possibility for misunderstanding of physical examination and treatment procedures.

Please be aware that practitioners may ask you to unrobe for a physical examination and the performance of tests involving range of motion tests, strength tests, reflex testing, palpation of bony landmarks for alignment tests etc. We will provide shorts and gowns to ensure you feel comfortable, however, please ensure you dress appropriately for your consultation.

The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health has private and open-plan treatment areas. Consultations requiring privacy will be done in private consulting rooms. Where the condition does not require the same level of privacy, you may be assessed in our curtained cubicle area/Rehabilitation Gym. If you have any concerns regarding our standard protocols please discuss this with us.

Classes can be booked by calling our friendly team who can assist in recommending the most appropriate class for your needs at a time that best suits you.

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