Exercise Physiologist in Nundah & Zillmere

Exercise Physiologists are registered Allied Health Professionals providing exercise, lifestyle and behaviour change interventions to prevent and manage chronic disease, injury, disability, and mental illness. The high level of skill of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist means they are recognised by Medicare and Private Health funds.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists have completed a 4-year University degree and are registered with the governing body, Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). With this experience and knowledge, they are the experts of human anatomy and physiology, and its response to movement.

We are passionate about providing the highest standard of care.

What to Expect & How we can help

At the Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health, we hear your story, medical history, concerns, and goals. We will complete a physical assessment to determine your baseline health measures such as blood pressure, injury assessment and strength and from this information, create an individualised treatment plan specific to your current physical status and goals.

Following the initial appointment, you will receive an overview of the initial assessment, your treatment plan, and a rough timeline. This will include a realistic, easy-to-follow exercise intervention tailored to your individual needs. Ongoing, your appointments may include participating in a home/gym exercise program, 1:1 in the clinic or within group sessions.

Exercise Physiologists take a holistic approach focussing on managing your health and improving your quality of life, long term. Exercise is for everyone and we have the knowledge and expertise to prescribe a specialised exercise program to suit your needs:

Management of chronic disease (diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer)
Neurological conditions
Mental illness and mental health
Chronic pain/fatigue
Injury prevention/management
Behaviour change and adherence
Women’s Health
Older adults
Balance and forms prevention
Strength and conditioning

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