Keeping Fit On A Budget

People think exercise and they assume weekly gym memberships – unaffordable. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to stay active!

Life happens and we can often find ourselves strapped for that extra cash. We could be between jobs, just out of school or simply needing to use that money elsewhere.

4 Tips to Keep Fit on a Budget:

  1. Utilize household equipment
    If you use your imagination your living room could provide a mountain of opportunities. All you need if something that has a bit of weight to it or a stable surface to lean on. You can work your muscles with your home modified version of a dumbbell. Full water bottle, bags of rice, old bricks – the choices are endless. A chair or table can be great for tricep dips or incline pushups.
  2. Parks
    More often than not you will walk to your local park and there is now communal gym equipment installed. Not only that but you can even utilize the children’s playground – If you’re lucky enough to find the two you can have a huge amount of options for exercises to create a workout.
  3. Free Passes
    With more and more gyms opening, Pilates/yoga studios, boot camps, cross fit etc. etc. there is increased competition for business. Due to this it is common for these facilities to offer free trials. If you want some variety while trying to work out what’s best for you, definitely make the most of freetrials!
  4. Community initiatives or events
    Unknown to many of us there are actually thousands of exercise groups around the country which offer free or very cheap sessions. If you jump online and do a bit of research, look at your local council events you will be amazed at what you’ll find – Park runs, boot camps, self-defense classes plus loads more.

4 helpful tips to keeping active on a budget, there is no room for excuses anymore. If you’re willing to use your imagination and do a little research, you’re set!

If you have any concerns about starting an exercise program book in to see our Accredited Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.

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