Predicting Pain & Injury Patterns As Covid-19 Restrictions Ease

We dusted off the crystal ball for our hot predictions on pain and injury trends, as restrictions are eased.
Recently 3 physiotherapists from The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health sat down to discuss their predictions around what they expected to see more of in the clinic as restrictions are eased. The video identifies 3 hot predictions of pain and injury presentations as the COVID restrictions are lifted and people return to sport or gym.

Check out the video here

The video discusses:

  1. Risk of acute injury due to decreased skill/technique level as a result of not training skills to the required level during COVID and not being exposed to true external reactive movements testing motor control. Ankles and knee injuries are predicted. For contact sports, similar predictions are made with shoulder and neck injury spikes due to poor technique and positioning
  2. Risk of acute back pain, shoulder and soft tissue strain/overuse will increase as gyms re-opening and people have access to heavier weights then previous and going “to hard to fast”. Acknowledge your body has de-trained and start at an appropriate level and rebuild to previous training frequency and intensity.
  3. Risk of muscle tears/strains, tendon injuries and acute soft tissue injuries due to social sport re-commencing. The people at highest risk are those who typically do not train specifically for their sport but maintain a general levels of fitness required. For a better word “week night warriors” or “weekend warriors”. Injuries as a result of people re-entering their sport having had 8-10 weeks off and at a level similar to that pre-COVID.

A great listen and good insight from our highly experienced physiotherapist. If you relate to this video, contact us at The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health and let us help you return to training or sport to ensure you do not become a statistic.

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