Tradie Heath Week

Tradies National Health Month runs throughout August each year and is a great opportunity for us to focus on the health of Australia’s tradies.

While we’ve seen improvements, according to Safe Work Australia our trade industry accounts for 58% of serious claims for worker’s compensation, yet makes up less than one third of Australia’s workforce.

Time off work due to poor health, injury or illness has a significant impact on families, businesses, communities, the health system and the economy—and this impact will grow if we don’t take steps to change behaviour.

Along with The Australian Physiotherapy Association, our team at The Joint Physiotherapy and Allied Health is calling on all tradies, their employers and families to get behind Tradies National Health Month.

We are calling all Tradies to begin to make your health the most important part of your toolkit!


When we think of Tradies health concerns, we most commonly assume them to be musculoskeletal, such as back pain and tendon/muscle injuries. But did you know a physio can treat and manage a whole range of other conditions?

  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Stroke recovery
  • Exercise prescription
  • Pelvic Floor issues

Physically demanding trade jobs can exacerbate all these conditions, however physio treatment through the prescription of individualised and targeted exercise programs can help! The benefits of exercise include improvements in:

  • Physical health: strength, endurance, sleep, energy
  • Mental health: anxiety, stress, depression and mood
  • Social health: teamwork, social connectedness

“Don’t be a tool, see a physio to help you stay healthy and active”

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