Exercise & Social Distancing

In light of everything that is going on, my mind turned to social distancing and the effect on people’s usual exercise routine. So I thought I’d put some ideas out there on how to keep yourself active without coming into close contact with others. Let’s make the choice easier. You can exercise at home, or you can still get out into the great outdoors. For those of you who are looking for a home based exercise – now is a great time to explore exercises such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi. Tai chi has some great evidence for improving a variety of conditions be it poor balance, osteoarthritis and may even be beneficial for those with a whiplash injury. There are many different apps that can guide you through a work out – you’ll just need some space in front of your screen, a towel (or two if you sweat like I do) and a water bottle because hydration is always important. If you aren’t sure if a particular work out is for you, consider searching on a streaming service such as YouTube for exercises to try. Maybe now is the perfect time to try that new workout to see if you enjoy it. If you’re an outdoorsy type – then space isn’t going to be a problem for you. Now is the perfect time to explore the local bike paths and running tracks. Don’t rule out the humble walk – it’s an amazing exercise to keep you fit and healthy. Walk at a pace that makes you breath a little more deeply and makes the heart beat a little faster.

The equipment you will need will depend on the exercise you choose but a good pair of shoes and a water bottle is always recommended. Maybe you’ve been thinking of taking up running, or returning after a long break. Take it easy when you start, start with a small and manageable distance and give your body a chance to adapt to the new exercise. Interval training can be an effective way to cover a distance and allow your body to adapt. One of the awesome details of using interval training is that you can use your overall time to monitor your progress. Non-contact sports are also an option. A sport like tennis can keep you and your bestie together and allow distance and fresh air between you. There are so many options – leave your comment below and let us know how you’re combining exercise and social distancing.

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