‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Doing little to no exercise over the festive season is a common occurrence. It’s a time of over-indulgence, socialising, and enjoying your break. BUT when the ‘silly season’ ends and January hits, we at The Joint notice a spike in exercise-related injuries.

Some are attributed to beginning exercise as a New Year’s resolution. However, even ‘seasoned’ exercisers experience niggles that come out of nowhere and can take weeks or months to resolve. With some simple guidance and planning, you can avoid the dreaded ‘Januaryitis’.

Tips when returning to training include:

  • Reduce training load by ~25%;
  • Consider intensity, frequency AND duration of sessions when planning load management;
  • Re-build training load by approximately 10% per week;
  • Respect pain – an exercise causing more than 3-4/10 pain should be stopped and modified to bring it back to an acceptable level.

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