Why Exercise Is Specifically Important for Students

If you’re a student you will be all too familiar with the countless hours spent in lecture halls, in front of computers, libraries or at your desk – how are they all linked? They’re sedentary habits.

Studying can be extremely mentally taxing and without physical activity your body and mind will not work at their peak. Exercise is great for improving concentration and focus but can also help with mental health improvements. In younger years before the age of 25 people are at the greatest risk of mental health problems – about 75% of people will experience difficulty.

Physical activity has beneficial impacts on memory and cognitive function. Exercise stimulates the release of growth factors which are a chemical in the brain which influence the health of brain cells and the stimulation of new brain cells.

Exercise also releases endorphin’s which are our happy hormone, improving mood. Along with mood improvements, stress and anxiety levels are reduced through exercise – improvements in these areas reduce cognitive impairment.

The life of a university student is time restricting and financially taxing so it is not uncommon for those studying to forget exercise as a priority. Simple implementations of going for walks to break up study periods, doing body weight circuits at home or utilizing casual passes to gyms will make a large impact on student’s mental health.

If you have any concerns prior to starting a new exercise program or any injury which may be inhibiting your exercise adherence come along to see our Accredited Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists!

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