Exercise & Mental Health

With the ongoing uncertainty and prolonged social distancing, it is only natural that social isolation, stress, anxiety and depression during these current times will spike.

This wasn’t mentioned when everyone was sent to work from home for the foreseeable future or social gatherings reduced to groups of 3 or the ability to leave home was limited to essential travel, with fines supplied.

These measures needed to take place, however, we now need to make sure we are addressing and preventing the mental, physical and emotional effects of the measures.

If you are experiencing isolation, anxiety and/or depression or just wonder if you might be, we encourage you to reach out for help. Part of your management should involve your GP. Part of your management plan should involve exercise.

Exercise is important! The endorphins (or happy hormones) from exercise give your mood a boost.

Research has found the most benefit is from exercise with an aerobic component – you should be breathing more deeply and your heart rate should be elevated.

Recent findings have found a break of up to two weeks is enough for signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression begin to increase. We are at this point now!

Research has also found, an increased impact on mental health following ceasing exercise if you participate in a team sport or group training with a sense of belonging to a community and working towards a common goal.

Make exercise part of your daily routine, with something as simple as a daily brisk walk or exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Now is the time to act and prevent the effects of social isolation and decreased exercise!

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