Labour intensive, material handling occupations are the greatest source of workers’ compensation claims. The financial and personal burden of these injuries are damaging to families and individuals. Nobody wants to be hurt on the job which is why preventative treatment and exercises are important to reduce workplace injuries.

Back injuries alone account for 20% of all workplace injuries with 80% occurring in the lower back. Physical activities which would be used daily in these types of jobs such as lifting, bending, twisting, pushing etc. correlate to most cases of LBP.

Ergonomics have come a long way and can be applied to the job site helping modify tools for easier handling, modify body position to protect from injury and become physically stronger. When someone experiences pain at work, like most of us, we change the way we work to avoid the pain best we can – in most cases adding to it.

If patterns of poor movement occur overtime without change you increasing your risk of suffering from an overuse injury – which can become extremely debilitating. Injuries which could have been prevented with a few days off the tools and in with the Physio can then turn into weeks off the job.

It is important to be aware of proper body mechanics and how to safely execute necessary tasks at work to protect yourself from injury. If you are struggling with pain at work and need direction on how to manage and alleviate pain visit your Physiotherapist immediately!

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