As Physiotherapists, we look after patients who are receiving treatment for injuries sustained in gyms countless times. Those who diligently attempt to look after their bodies can often be the ones sustaining injury. Reasons which can result in injury within the gym include:

  • Lack of adequate warm up
  • Incorrect form
  • Too heavy a load
  • Inadequate recovery
  • Pre-existing imbalances or injury
  • All exercise can have the potential to be hazardous if not done correctly. Having safe training progression is important to allow your body to gain optimum results and remain injury free. It is important that if you have any doubt about starting a program or how to train effectively you consult an Accredited
  • Exercise Physiologist or be assessed by a Physiotherapist.


The most common sites of injury resulting from squats are the lower back and knees. Knee tracking issues, poor posterior chain strength, poor core strength and the position of the hips and spine can account for both back and knee pain.


Done incorrectly Deadlifts can be very dangerous. Common injuries can occur to the spine including ligament sprains, muscular strains and disc injuries. Technical faults which can account for these injuries include rounding or over extending the back and poor posture or form.


Bench press is an exercise which done incorrectly results in more injuries than gains. Neck strain, disc injuries, wrist strains, various shoulder injuries, muscular tears and even various back injuries can occur. Technical faults which can account for these include exaggerated lower back arch, poor posture, poor shoulder blade positioning, excessive wrist extension and incorrect positioning of the arms throughout the lift.

These are only a fraction of exercises which could be integrated into an everyday gym program. The bottom line is that prevention is better than cure. Don’t listen to the meat heads in the gym! Come in and see our expert Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists to correct poor form and assess any individual issues before starting your gym program.

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