Here They Are! The Best Exercises You Need To Be Doing If You’re Experiencing Acute Lower Back Pain.

These are exercises we prescribe to patients every day in clinic and are winners!

  • Lumbar rotations
    Nice and simple and can be done from the very onset of acute back pain. Lie on your back with both knees bent up and feet flat. Gently rock knees side to side for a total of 20. Great first in morning!
  • Piriformis stretch
    Another classic that can be really helpful in getting you out of pain if you have been sitting or in 1 position for a period of time. It is amazing how such a small muscle can be such a contributor to your low back pain.
  • Walking on flat surface with supportive shoes
    The key to success in relieving and recovering from acute low back pain episodes is MOVEMENT! Walking is the best exercise to do to ensure you stay mobile and do not become stiff or sore from inactivity. Initially, you may only manage short bouts, however, this will progress quickly.

It is amazing how many patients say “my back hurts if I am sitting or standing but I am good if I am walking around”.

These exercises are a nice mixture of stretching, whole body mobility and conditioning which is crucial for reducing pain from tight back and buttock muscles, improving strength and maintaining general fitness and conditioning.

If you are experiencing acute low back pain it is recommended that you see one of our experienced Physiotherapist who can assess you and assist you to get out of pain and back to your best!

If you have any questions or would like more information on these and other great exercises for acute low back pain, please email or call our clinic.

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